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Take a moment to look at the picture below. What does it say to you?

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John Coltrane (from left to right), Cannonball Adderley, Miles Davis and Bill Evans.
Don Hunstein/Sony BMG Music Entertainment

That's Miles Davis, the trumpeter, with his band in a recording studio in 1959.

Press play on the Soundcloud link to hear what they made that day. Take a few moments to listen.

That’s the first track to “Kind of Blue.” The biggest selling jazz record ever. And is called a classic.

I think how it was made is interesting, and I think there is a lesson for you and me.

The recording of the album was completely improvised in the studio. Without any rehersals. In one take. One recording.

Miles gave the band a very general direction. And then out came the music in a perfect form.

They owned the moment.

So, what does that have to do with learning English?

Own English and Beat the Blackout

Ryan O'Shea

Ryan O'Shea

Most English language learners in Berlin have had 1000s of hours English practice and training.

I know that from 10,000 hours of teaching in Berlin at Wall Street English. Just like trained musicians, you have practiced, and practiced, and performed. And if you understand this then you are at good level.

However, even those at C1 have fears of blackouts and making mistakes, and apologise for their “bad English.”

Let's stop that. Let's own that moment. Let’s communicate without fear.

I want you to walk into a meeting, job interview, party, or a date and own it. Just like Miles and his band did in 1959.

Contact me to make English your EigenEnglish.

Ryan O'Shea

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by Ryan O'Shea


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Terms and Conditions

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What EigenEnglish Does

EigenEnglish is an English language teaching and coaching service that works with English Speakers at B1 and higher.

EigenEnglish recognises that many speakers at this level know how to learn and communicate, and have access to many language learning tools, platforms and resources.

EigenEnglish provides safe and supportive spaces where learners can dive into language learning and language use, to define personal development tasks and and learning projects that are meaningful to them, and not just to the school, teacher or course book.

EigenEnglish uses techniques and methods that the founder, Ryan O'Shea has used over the past 15 years in his work at Wall Street English.

EigenEnglish offers group classes that are based on Dogme ELT, Task Based Learning, and Community Language Learning. Follow the links for more details, or contact EigenEnglish if you want to know more about how the classes work.

Who's is Ryan?

Photo - Eric Troudt, 2016

Ryan O'Shea has been an English language teaching professional since 2002.

In Berlin, he worked exclusively at Wall Street English as a manager and teacher in Berlin for 12 years.

He has experience in:
recruitment, training and sales coaching for interviews, presentations, and for professional purposesthe pursuit of five star educational service design thinking
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As of January 2018, he has had the pleasure of working on this EXLT concept, and the joy of bringing it to market.

Ryan also organise events under the banner of exitroute. He'd be very happy to talk about that and any other projects he is working on.


Coming soon...

In the meantime please think back the good old days and send me your positive memories!